Victoria Vázquez Cabanas

Office Manager & Culture 613 050 722

Office Manager & Culture

Victoria Vázquez Cabanas is the Office Manager at The Agency Belleside Homes, where she excels in overseeing office operations, client and agency communication, human resources, financial administration, property management support, team coordination, and compliance. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, and knowledgeable in Italian, Victoria leverages her multilingual skills to enhance communication and collaboration within the multicultural environment of The Agency Belleside Homes.

With a strong background in operational management, crisis management, leadership, and customer service, Victoria ensures smooth day-to-day operations and fosters a positive workplace culture. Her ability to effectively manage multiple departments and lead diverse teams has been instrumental in driving the company’s success. Guided by values of integrity, accountability, and adaptability, she continuously strives for excellence and delivers exceptional service.

Outside of her professional role, Victoria enjoys engaging in sports with a personal trainer, playing padel, and practicing yoga. These activities help her maintain a balanced lifestyle and bring creativity and energy to her work. Additionally, she is committed to fostering positive change in education, having established two schools with educational projects in the local area and in Barcelona, reflecting her dedication to community betterment.

Victoria’s quote: “I believe in delivering exceptional service, fostering teamwork, and continuously striving for excellence. Integrity, accountability, and adaptability are fundamental values that guide my approach to work.”

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