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Contemporary Villas with Unique Architecture and Natural Harmony

El Chaparral, Puerto de la Torre · Ref TA033D

From €1,249,000

Development in El Chaparral, Puerto de la Torre

Nestled within the picturesque landscape of the Costa del Sol, these exquisite 3 and 4-bedroom villas epitomize modern luxury harmoniously intertwined with nature. Inspired by the traditional silhouette of a house, the design team has reimagined the classic pentagon form, creating a unique architectural symbiosis with the surrounding vegetation. The result is a captivating dialogue between the built environment and the natural world, where the energy and movement of nature influence the dynamic lines of each villa.

Central to this innovative design is the iconic sloping roof, which breaks from tradition by shifting one of its edges, mimicking the dance of a breeze. This thoughtful architectural choice not only enhances the villa’s aesthetic appeal but also distinguishes each residence, contributing to a distinctive skyline along the Costa del Sol.

Adhering to the philosophy of “Less is More,” the villas showcase pure, elegant, and gentle lines, utilizing premium materials such as natural wood in selected cladding areas. This deliberate material choice fosters a continuous dialogue with the natural surroundings, bestowing the project with unmatched elegance and purity.

The interiors of these villas are designed to optimize space and flow, with an emphasis on creating a seamless connection between different areas. The staircase, crafted as a piece of sculpture, elevates the living space into an exclusive art gallery, adding an artistic touch to the luxurious environment.

These villas offer an unparalleled living experience, combining minimalist elegance with the tranquillity of nature, making them a perfect sanctuary for those seeking sophisticated living on the Costa del Sol.

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