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The Agency Marbella honors Earth Day with a Clean-Up Event

Teba Siles | · 3 min. read

Every year, The Agency rallies its offices worldwide for an extraordinary event: Global Clean-Up Day. Held in celebration of Earth Day, this initiative showcases our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement. From the sandy shores of Hilton Head Island to the bustling cityscapes of downtown Miami, this year, 170 of our staffers rolled up their sleeves to beautify their locales and make an impact.

In a demonstration of commitment and respect for the environment, The Belleside Team from The Agency Marbella celebrated Earth Day with a clean-up day at the iconic Sierra Blanca mountains, specifically at the peak of La Cruz Juanar, the second highest in the region, located near the town of Ojen.

The Belleside Team Earth Day
Nine team members ventured on a clean-up hike through the mountains that dominate Marbella’s landscape.

On April 22nd, nine team members ventured on a clean-up hike through the mountains that dominate Marbella’s landscape. To their surprise and satisfaction, they found the paths remarkably clean. This state of conservation is mainly due to continuous clean-up efforts carried out by various local associations and groups throughout the year.

During the event, the team made a significant impact, collecting about 10 pounds of trash (4kg), thereby contributing to the preservation of Sierra Blanca’s natural environment. Sierra Blanca, known for its sparse vegetation and imposing limestone rocks, offers spectacular views of the Costa del Sol and its surroundings from its height of over 1,200 meters. The participants also enjoyed the area’s rich biodiversity, including species such as golden eagles, hawks, Spanish ibex, wild boars, and the beautiful tall trees “Pinsapo” which are internationally recognized as endangered and are currently protected by local and international law.

The event in Marbella was part of a global initiative initiated by The Agency, which has seen employees from all of its offices worldwide participating in similar activities. This collective effort underscores the global commitment to environmental sustainability. Coastal clean-ups occurred globally, from Panama, Turks & Caicos, and Los Cabos to South Carolina and Southern California. Local team members tidied their streets in cities like Bozeman, Miami, and Toronto with an organized trash collection. Lakes, parks, and trails were part of the efforts, too—staffers in Austin, Louisville, Brantford, Nashville, and Marbella, Spain, gathered to promote the preservation of local natural spaces.

Benjamin Beza-Sales Manager
Benjamin Beza, sales manager of The Agency Marbella.

This movement highlighted the natural beauty and the importance of preserving local environments. It reinforced the message that it is possible to maintain and respect our natural spaces for future generations through collective effort.

Benjamin Beza, sales manager of The Agency Marbella, shared a local anecdote about the iron cross that crowns the peak of Juanar. The cross symbolizes hope and a historical guide for sailors in stormy times, adding cultural significance to the conservation of this place.

With initiatives like this, The Agency Marbella hopes to inspire more people and organizations to participate in protecting and caring for the environment. The day concluded with a call to action to continue promoting and participating in activities that positively contribute to our natural environments and communities.