E1 Grandprix Marbella

El Grand Prix Makes waves in Marbella

Rais Rafikov | · 4 min. read

E1 Grandprix Marbella

In 2024, Puerto Banús hosted the inaugural E1 Grand Prix, a groundbreaking event in the world of electric offshore powerboat racing. This exciting new sport, sanctioned by the International Union of Motorboating, features the only authorized electric motor for such competitions. The E1 series, conceived by Alejandro Agag and Italian engineer Rodi Basso, who has collaborated with NASA, Ferrari, and Red Bull Racing, will take place in prestigious international locations such as Monaco, Hong Kong, Geneva, Venice, and, this June, in Puerto Banús.

About the event

On June 1-2, Puerto Banús welcomed the E1 Grand Prix, a fusion of high-speed electric powerboat racing and a staunch commitment to sustainability. This event promised to electrify Marbella’s coastline, seamlessly melding cutting-edge technology with the Mediterranean’s timeless elegance.

Dubbed the “Formula 1 of the seas,” the E1 Series showcases RaceBirds—unique electric powerboats—unlike any other vessels. Over two days, teams led by global sports icons like Rafa Nadal, Sergio Pérez, Didier Drogba, Tom Brady, Marc Anthony, and Steve Aoki competed in thrilling races following qualifying rounds on Saturday and finals on Sunday, ensuring non-stop excitement.

E1 GrandPrix Puerto Banus Rafa Nadal

Support and Sustainability

The arrival of this international event in Puerto Banús has been made possible thanks to the dedicated support of several administrations, including the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Andalusian Government, Marbella City Council, the Málaga Provincial Council, and the Association of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol. At the heart of the E1 Puerto Banús GP lies its sustainability focus. Exclusively powered by electricity, the event drastically reduces environmental impact. It aims for carbon neutrality through initiatives like hydrogen-powered recharging stations, biodegradable packaging, and a ban on single-use plastics.

Gender Equality in Teams

Each team in the E1 Grand Prix was captained by renowned sports icons and consisted of one male and one female driver who raced for equal durations. Esteemed female racers like Laia Sanz and Cris Lazarraga, who have earned international recognition in motorsports, represented Spain.

E1 Grand Prix Marbella

Audience and Activities

Puerto Banús was set to host one of the most internationally projected sustainable events of 2024, with an estimated cumulative audience of over 1 billion on social media platforms. Beyond the races, the Acceleration Festival offered diverse activities, from mini radio-controlled RaceBirds on the beach to live DJ performances. VIP hospitality areas provided premium viewing, ensuring an unforgettable weekend of innovation, community engagement, and exhilarating experiences.

Race Format

The event kicked off on Saturday, June 1st, with qualifying races, while the semifinals and finals took place on Sunday. The VIP grandstands accommodated approximately 3,000 spectators, ensuring hospitality on par with Formula 1 and ATP events.

  • R1 – Qualification
  • R2 – Quarterfinals
  • R3 – Semifinals
  • R4 – Finals (Top 4 teams)

RaceBird Vessels

All teams competed in identical RaceBird powerboats, emphasizing the pilots’ skills to secure podium positions. The RaceBird boasts impressive specifications:

  • Top speed of 90 km/h (55 mph)
  • Length of 7.5 meters (24.6 feet)
  • 150 kW power output
  • 35 kWh battery capacity

About Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús is one of the most renowned nautical and tourist destinations in Southern Europe, located in the city of Marbella. Since its establishment in 1970, Puerto Banús has been dedicated to tourism, yachting, and exclusive leisure, becoming an international benchmark for luxury, sports, shopping, and gastronomy. It is also a significant economic driver for the region. The allure of Puerto Banús, combined with the area’s pleasant climate, attracts millions of visitors from around the world each year, who choose this iconic Marbella port for unique experiences. If you wish to learn more about The Puerto Banus area, the amenities and real estate oportunities, here is our courated Puerto Banus Area Guide

A New Era in Motorsport

As the E1 Puerto Banús GP approached, it transcended mere competition—it embodied a bold declaration of innovation and sophistication. Against Marbella’s breathtaking backdrop, this spectacle promised to captivate and inspire, blending high-speed thrills with a vision for a sustainable future. Next time: Don’t miss the dawn of a new era in motorsport.